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Made in Italy

The italian quality of the wood that only the artisan tradition has to offer.

Made in Italy. Just this should be enough to make it clear that the imported manufactured goods and just finished in Italy simply are not authentically Italian.

In all cases, Made in Italy is much more than a geographical indication.
It is synonymous of superior quality and attention to detail in the processing of wood flooring and other products manufactured by the company .
It's stands for uniqueness.

Customers expect a real original floor from us, unique, created exclusively for them. And that is what we deliver.
Italy is a land of artists and artisans, as it has been for centuries. Here the workers are handed down their skills from generation to generation, to refine and improve them continuously. For Martini Luciano snc the link with this tradition is essential. And it is also for customers that ask for floors and wooden stairs of value.

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