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Design and Project

We project every detail to ensure that you are fully satisfied. Without a doubt.

Our design office makes the difference. In Martini Luciano you will find not only quality products, but a high level of service, from design to installation .

- environmental analysis

We take inspections required in the case of existing buildings or new constructions. We study the plans and technical specifications for buildings under constructions.

- problem cases

We collect all the data necessary for a thorough evaluation. We analyze the needs and desires. We anticipate all of the critical issues in order to propose the best solution.

- architectural elaboration of the floor / stair / decor

We design the required solution by studying every minimum details. We present our ideas, with all the technical and aesthetic evaluations to support.

- drawings of inlays

In case of requests, we design our proposals for inlays and decorations. We offer different alternatives to meet your taste.

- development sampling wood type

We create the samples of various woods and put them in your hand, so that you have all elements to assess the real touch, anticipating the final result.

- processing samples of finishing treatments

Hue, bleaching, pickling, brushing, planing, etc..:

we make samples of the finishes proposed in the choosen wood types to give you maximum security on your choices.

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